Our Veneers / Bruxism and Teeth grinding

Veneers can re-create a perfect aesthetic look for highly stained or crooked front teeth and will give your smile even more personality.

Veneers can reconstruct the natural form of your teeth, close tooth gaps and correct broken or crooked teeth. The veneers Dr. Sommer-Team uses look very natural and will not stand out between your natural teeth.

Teeth Grinding
Another speciality of Dr. Sommer-Team is help against teeth grinding. In our hectic times psychic stress results with many people in grinding their teeth at night. This can lead to unpleasant results like headaches or a stiff neck.

The Dr. Sommer-team provides you with a special dental rack to use at night and lessen your condition. Tailored to your needs you will receive supporting treatments like massages, physiotherapy, t|hermal therapy whatever will help you best.

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