Our aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry
Tooth-colored dental crowns, dental bridges and full ceramic inlays.

Gingival Correction via Microsurgery: Using magnifying glasses or a surgical microscope, your gums can be given a natural look.

Too much gum?
If too much of your gums or inflamed gums are visible when you smile, this detracts from any positive impression. With careful shaping the visible part of the teeth is enlarged.

Too little gum?
If your gums have greatly receded, this spoils your appearance significantly. By transplanting tissue from other parts of the oral cavity, we can restore the balance. If not enough gum is present, the dental necks are exposed. These are often sensitive to heat and cold. Using microsurgical techniques we can cover over the exposed dental necks and thus restore the aesthetic appearance and absence of sensitivity again.

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