Our Microscopic Endodonty

If you need a root-canal treatment, you should not allow much delay. Many scientific studies have proven that our teeth are directly connected to other parts of the body. E.g. an infection
of a front tooth can affect bladder and prostate. Many chronic indispositions are of dental origin and will only heal after a successful treatment of a root canal.

With today’s methods a tooth with a dead nerve can be preserved in your mouth for a very long time. At a root-canal treatment first the infected or necrotic tissue will be removed to clean the
inside of the tooth up to the tip of the root. In further treatments all root channels will be cleaned carefully. Then the root channel will be modelled and filled so it is thoroughly closed.

Combining a careful dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist this treatment will last for a long time. For the microscopic root-canal treatment a special dental microscope with a magification capacity of 25 is used.

This provides for a most thorough and at the same time very careful cleaning which avoids later inconveniences.

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